The Dirt Bag

The first garbage bag of its kind in North America. The earth-friendly garbage bag is made from 100% recycled plastic and is 100% oxo-biodegradable within 5 years.

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Zoe’s Foam Hand Soap

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Bio90 Super Concentrate Cleaner Retail Pack

Our industrial-strength Super Concentrate Cleaner is available in a bundle package containing one 750 ml bottle of concentrate and one refillable bottle with a unique trigger sprayer.

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Bio90 +50 Prostate Urinal Screen

Scientifically formulated surfactant block eliminates odors. Bio-enzymes dissolve mineral deposits, hard water scale and uric salts to provide continuous drain maintenance.

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Bio90 Liquid Hand Soap

Our natural coconut formulation provides a luxurious, silky foam that is a pleasure to use. Rich emollients condition skin and leave it feeling soft and silky.

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Bio90 Hand Soap Dispenser

A contemporary look that adds a nice touch to any bathroom. A built-in pause during each pump saves waste by discouraging the consumer from over use.

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Industrial Garbage Bags

All our bags are made from:100% recycled, 100% recyclable, Guaranteed 100% oxo-biodegradable within 5 years under normal conditions.

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Bio90 Disinfectant Sanitizer Concentrate

An impressive concentrated disinfectant – sanitizer – fungicide – deodorizer with organic soil tolerance for hospital, institutional, industrial, school, dairy and farm use..

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Bio90 Super Concentrate Cleaner

Bio90 Super Concentrate is a multi-purpose eco-friendly industrial cleaning alternative guaranteed to give you the results you need in the workplace without the potentially harmful effects of chemical-based cleaners.

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Bio90 Pots & Pans Concentrate Detergent

Highly concentrated industrial formula that easily emulsifies grease, oils and food stains.

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Bio90 Enzyme Odour Buster Concentrate

Our concentrated formula with extra action bacteria (EAB) uses free enzymes to dispense instant and continuous odour control by digesting and breaking down organic waste

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Industrial Trigger Sprayers

Finest in the industry. With great trigger handling and an adjustable spray nozzle to find mist, this trigger sprayer is made to last.

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Industrial Scouring Pad & Sponge

The original scrubbing pad with an absorbent sponge that outlasts all others that look the same. The scouring side has an abrasive material that continues to work through the toughest conditions.

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Chemical Proportioner

Cost savings ten fold when used with Bio90 Super Concentrate.  Simple to use and install. Compact and durable.

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Industrial Refillable Spray Bottles

Spray bottles come in five distinct colours so employees can easily identify which product should go into which bottle. Product uses and directions on how to fill from chemical proportioning station are listed on each bottle.

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